Selling your Property with Novi Property Mallorca

While the Spanish (and Mallorquin) approach to selling property, i.e. placing it on the market with several different agents, does on the surface appear to expose the property to a wider audience of potential buyers, in realty it encourages a substandard and underfunded marketing approach.

Why would an agent invest significant time and money in marketing your home when there is only a one-in-four or five (depending how many agents are involved) chance of selling it and earning a fee? Unfortunately I (David Novi) see no attempt by either the main agents or niche local operators to change their ways and improve this service!

As a small professional outfit, Novi Property Mallorca can not take on what the market is failing to deliver in it's entirety, but what we can do is offer support services that can help ensure you get the most out of the Mallorca system.

Our Approach:

  • For a small fee we will visit your property and discuss your requirements and very importantly undertake a market valuation of your home to ensure it is set at a correct level.  How many properties don't sell or take much longer to sell than they should? Most! Why? Because they are incorrectly priced!
  • We will assess your property for any "barriers to a successful sale" and discuss with you the best way to present your property for sale. See our Selling Tips page.
  • Don't need a valuation? No problem send us all the details and we will still do our dedicated article writing for your property, if we see that the price is reasonable and can attract buyers.
  • We will advertise your property on both local and international Internet Portals and the Novi Property Mallorca web site.
  • We will immediately pass details of the property to prospective buyers on our extensive data base, where their search criteria meet the profile of your property.
  • We will place the property, but only after your prior agreement, with a select number of our carefully chosen Estate Agency Partners (if they successfully introduce a purchaser we will pass on some of our commission to them i.e. there is no additional fee for you to pay).
  • We will write a series of short articles for distribution via our Blog and other web portals highlighting specifically the attractions of your home to targeted audiences identified as likely to be interested in such a property.
  • We will undertake fully accompanied viewings of your property.
  • Once a purchaser is found we will assist you, and your legal advisers, in respect of the due diligence process and through to successful completion.

Our Fees:

  • We will agree with you an Exclusive Agency Contract, for a minimum period of 4 months, at a fee of 5% of the total sale price, plus costs for any additional material e.g. floor plans or virtual tours etc.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements, and our approach, in more detail.