Selling Property in Mallorca tips

The selling of any property, whether it is a small studio apartment, town house, villa or rural finca, is a partnership between the owner / vendor, and the estate agent. Both parties have very important roles to play, and while much is made of the responsibilities and work of the estate agent, those of the vendor are sometimes forgotten.

In Selling your Property with Novi Property Mallorca we set out our approach to selling property, where we have a direct relationship with the vendor, as opposed to those we offer via our Agency Partners. While setting the price; the subsequent marketing of the property; the negotiations with potential purchasers; and the period of subsequent due diligence leading up to signing of contracts, are vitally important to a successful conclusion to the sale, the presentation of the property both generally, and on the day of any viewings, should not be underestimated.

The condition of the property, and how it is presented, can provide either the impetus to a successful sale or become a major barrier. That is why at Novi Property Mallorca, right from the outset, we will always discuss, openly and honestly, areas that we believe may hinder a sale, as well as providing general guidance to presenting the property on a viewing day.

Preparing your property for sale:

  • First Impressions - you can lose a sale even before a purchaser has come through the front door. Untidy gardens; scruffy paintwork; broken / leaking gutters; and poorly maintained community areas in apartment blocks / complexes are critically important to a successful sale.
    Prior to marketing - undertake any overdue repair work; touch up / repaint / varnish woodwork; prune shrubs, plant flowers / put out plant pots; repair guttering etc. If you live in a community talk to your neighbours or the community president / administrator to get outstanding repairs / cleaning done.
    On day of viewing - Make sure the gardens and communal areas are clean and tidy - lawns cut, paths and windows clean, clutter put away etc.


  • Clean and tidy - inside the house is no different!
    Prior to marketing - finish off any unfinished DIY jobs; touch up paintwork; replace worn out floor coverings and fixtures and fittings; use neutral and bright colours for walls and paintwork.
    On day of viewing - clean and tidy the house from top to toe. Its not always easy to keep your property looking like a show home while it is also where you live, but keep on top of things and make the effort, it will be worth it!


  • Repairs and maintenance - again just like the outside, inside is no different.
    Prior to marketing - repair and or replace dripping taps (new up to date taps can really lift a bathroom), replace old and broken electrical fittings etc
    On day of viewing - it should all be done! One small tip - check all bulbs are working and light fittings clean.


  • Bathrooms and kitchens sell properties! - clean, well maintained and modern bathrooms and kitchens really make a difference. Buyers will automatically be adding the cost of new bathrooms and kitchens to the price of the property, if they don't like what the see, and you can be sure of one thing they won't underestimate! A few relatively inexpensive touches can lift these rooms and take them from being an added cost for the purchaser to being a positive selling point.
    Prior to marketing - replace broken / cracked tiles and sealant around baths, showers, sinks and work tops; get rid of unsightly musty smelling mould and limescale; update fittings - taps and showers etc; in the kitchen replace / paint / varnish fitted unit doors, replace door knobs and handles or even put a new work top on top of the old.
    On day of viewing - make them sparkle! Give these rooms a really good clean, avoid strong smelling foods in the kitchen and generally unpleasant odours.


  • Storage space - buyers are always on the look out for good storage space so make sure you make the most of what you have.
    Prior to marketing - clear out attics, basements and outside storage areas; get rid of clutter and tidy up cupboards and closets.
    On day of viewing - make sure they have stayed clean, tidy and well ordered!


  • Bedrooms - need to be uncluttered, clean, bright and fresh.
    Prior to marketing - get rid of any excess furniture; paint the walls a light, bright neutral colour; cover the beds with a clean light coloured bed spread and add some colour with cushions; make sure you have clean bright curtains, especially if there are no shutters.
    On day of viewing - like the rest of the house, make sure it is clean and tidy, clutter free, well aired and bright.


  • Other tips on viewing day -
    - open up curtains and shutters and let the light in;
    - make sure the house is well aired and fresh smelling (nothing beats the smell of fresh flowers and they add colour too!);
    - at night time put on all the lights, inside and out, to make the place feel welcoming;
    - keep under control, or locked away, dogs and pets, or even better take them away for the duration of the viewing;
    - depersonalise the house - avoid too many family photos etc, remember you are trying to help the buyer imagine it as their home not yours.
    - Clearly define spaces - Think about the spaces your buyers want. For example, if there is no clearly defined eating area, think about creating such a space in the living room or kitchen.


Finally, a short summary of why good houses don't sell!

  • Overpriced - there is a reason why this is number one - because it is the most important! Overpriced properties don't sell, they just put off potential buyers. While a small margin in the price, to allow for negotiation, is acceptable, too much and you will lose viewings and disappoint visitors who come.
    Remember it does not matter what you want for your property, what is important is what your property is worth!
  • Good photos - yes photos sell houses, or at least get potential buyers to enquire about the property which is the first crucial step! Make sure your agent has good shots both for printed particulars and most importantly for the web site / Internet. You can help them by making sure you have followed the tips above and given them a clean, tidy, well maintained property to photograph!
  • They are dirty - apart from not showing the properly off in its best light, people suspect that there will be outstanding repairs as well, even if they can't see any!
  • First impressions - yes they mean everything, so follow the tips above and make sure you don't lose a sale before the viewing has barely started!
  • Outdated / warn out fixtures and fittings - again follow the tips above with regard to taps, kitchen units, light fittings etc and give your property an up to date, well maintained feel.

If you would like further advice and guidance on preparing your home for sale please contact us.