Mallorca Chartered Surveyors Services

As Chartered Surveyors (see Why Use a Chartered Surveyor) we are pleased to be able to offer a full range of professional development and investment services for clients including:

  • Independent property valuations in Mallorca and the other Balearic islands
  • Property Surveys in Mallorca / Balearics
  • Development feasibility studies
  • Development and project management in Mallorca / Balearics
  • Investment appraisal
  • Development and investment finance

Whether you are buying a property in Mallorca and would like an independent valuation, or survey, undertaken prior to exchange of contracts (signing of the Contrato Privado); are looking to buy a development plot and would like help with preparing a feasibility study and / or someone to assist in pulling the project team together and act as your representative on the Island; are an investor looking for suitable opportunities and market advice; or require assistance putting together an appropriate and competitive finance package, Novi Property Mallorca Chartered Surveyors can help guide and advise you in a professional and impartial way. 

The following is a resume as to what we can offer and the various services that should be seriously considered by prospectice purchasers, developers and investors.

  • Investment and development project finding - using their network of contacts throughout Mallorca they will access opportunities to fit the investment requirements of each client. Working closely with owners and their closest advisors they are often able to access opportunities that are off market, prior to going to market, or at the earliest stages of the marketing process. Contact Mallorca Chartered Surveyors for genuine investment and development opportunities in Mallorca.
  • Project and investment appraisal - Using their local knowledge as well as extensive experience both in Mallorca and the UK they will support investors and developers with the analysis and appraisal of projects prior to purchase. Having identified appropriate Mallorca investment and development opportunities they will work alongside you, or your professional team, to assist with project / investment appraisal and due diligence. 
  • Development Management - Assistance in putting together project teams, managing the same and providing clients with a central point of contact / liaison

 Other Services

  • Market Valuations - Independent valuations of residential and commercial property for individual and corporate clients.
  • Surveys - including Homebuyers Reports (along lines of standard UK RICS format) and Building Condition Surveys (a more in depth report on the physical condition of a property)
  • Off plan property purchase support - Opinion of current market value and their view of future expectations. If required theycan also provide regular reports, post contract, of building progress.

In more detail Mallorca Chartered Surveyors are able to assist with the following:

Access to the best investment and development opportunities Mallorca has to offer at any particular time. Working closely with owners, and their closest advisors, they are able to access both investment and developments throughout Mallorca including:

  • Residential development land in Mallorca
  • Individual residential development plots in Mallorca
  • Residential redevelopment opportunities in Mallorca including Palma de Mallorca old town
  • Off plan residential investments throughout Mallorca
  • Mallorca commercial investment opportunities including hotels, industrial / warehousing and retail.
  • Mallorca commercial development opportunities including hotels, industrial / warehousing and retail.

Recent opportunities have included a mixed use residential, commercial and leisure redevelopment project in Palma; north Mallorca 4* hotel offered as going concern with opportunity to upgrade to 5*; light industrial, warehousing, retail warehousing development land; Palma de Mallorca business park units;South West Mallorca residential development land; Southern Mallorca golf course and hotel development opportunity; and central Palma old town residential conversion projects. 

Contact us to discuss the latest investment and development opportunities available.

Development Consultancy

As experienced senior level property professionals both in the UK and Mallorca, Mallorca Chartered Surveyors work along side both corporate and individual property developers and investors in Mallorca to offer a bespoke support service.

Central to this process is assisting clients with all apects of the project decision making process including financial, legal and technical due dilligence. Working along side other reputable professionals including lawyers, architects and builders / construction companies, they will act as your central point of liaison.

Independent Valuations

When buying a property in Mallorca as much care is necessary as back home. An independent valuation of your prospective purchase will not only reassure you that you are paying a fair price for your future home but can assist negotiations with the vendors. 

Thus in addition to their core investment and development services, including investment agency, development management and investment / development consultancy, Mallorca Chartered Surveyors offer clients an independent RICS property valuation service including:

Market Valuations -  A report, for various purposes setting out standard property value with supportive descriptive information. These reports make reference to the condition of the property but should not be confused with a more detailed property survey or RICS homebuyers' report.  

Development Funding valuation -  generally carried out on behalf of a bank / funding provider and valuing part or all of a proposed development scheme.
Such advice can be provided at the outset and earliest stages of any development - valuing off plan through to completion for individual unit purchasers or as part of a large scale redevelopment project.

Property Surveys

Chartered Surveyors in Mallorca, in partnership with Property Works Online, are also able to offer clients a full selection of property survey services including: 

Homebuyers' survey / report -  comprises an inspection of those parts of the property which are readily and safely accessible; in other words visible and readily available for examination from ground and upper floor levels without risk of causing damage to the property or injury to the surveyor.

It provides a concise report based upon the inspection and incorporates a valuation which forms part of the report. The surveyor's main objective is to give clients considering buying a particular property the professional advice which will assist them with that decision.

The Homebuyer service therefore provides a snapshot of the general condition of the property and particular features which affects its present value and may affect its future re-sale. The report focuses on what the surveyor judges to be urgent or significant matters. Significant matters are those which are taken into account in negotiating a purchase price.

Full Building Survey Report -  a detailed appraisal of the condition of the fabric of the building. It is not a Structural Engineers Report. The report will advise on the condition and state of repair of the visible parts of the property. It will describe the method of construction where visible, detail any defects which are apparent at the time of inspection and indicate the need for remedying such defects. Areas requiring future maintenance, repair or further inspection will also be highlighted. Proposed alterations should be discussed with the Surveyor prior to inspection.

Whilst the inspection and the report will be as comprehensive as possible, it will be subject to certain limitations, as indicated in the conditions of engagement. In particular, it should be noted that it is often not practical to inspect woodwork apart from that which is visible or to raise fitted carpets and fixed floorboards or gain access to areas which are covered, concealed or obstructed such as wall cavities, sealed roof and floor voids, or areas in ducts and behind paneling. Heavy furniture will not be moved. Roofs will only be inspected if safe and easy access can be obtained either by a 3 meter surveyors ladder off the ground or by direct access from within the property. Roof voids will not be inspected if the access is considered dangerous.

The report will incorporate general comments only on the garages and other outbuildings, grounds and boundaries. Where defects are revealed by the inspection, this will enable the prospective purchaser to carefully consider the suitability of the property for their needs and either revise their offer of withdraw before being legally committed to purchase.

Other Resources

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