Novi Property Mallorca FAQ

Is Novi Property Mallorca an Estate Agency?

The short answer is no, we are in the main Buyers Agent's. In nearly all cases we do not list properties directly but rather work with a number of carefully selected Estate Agency Partners in each region of the Island. By doing this we can concentrate on the needs of the buyer, in an objective and impartial way, unlike an Estate Agent that ultimately is working for the vendor. Furthermore this approach gives us access to a much larger number of properties for our clients and a coverage across the Island that very few Estate Agents could do. 

The only properties we take on directly are new and off plan opportunities, directly from developers, and one or two second hand properties where we have been approached directly by owners for help and, most importantly, where we believe the property is correctly priced and likely to be attractive to our core client base - property buyers. Where we offer these to our purchaser clients you will always be informed of the direct relationship with the vendor.

If Novi Property Mallorca are Buyers Agent's how is it that you have so many properties displayed on your web site?

Due to the strength of our working relationship with our Estate Agency Partners in many cases they actively welcome us showcasing their properties directly on our site and to our Purchaser Clients. In most cases (see question 1 above) these are not direct listings and we do not therefore have any relationship with the vendors. By including these properties we also hope it offers buyers a good idea of the sort of properties generally available on the market.

Are the properties on the Novi Property Mallorca web site the only ones you can offer us?

No definately not. Although we have over 1,000 properties on our site this is only a small selection of the properties we have access to. In many cases our Estate Agency Partners have other properties for our clients and, most significantly, we have working relationships with many other Agencies where we do not showcase their properties but where we work with them on a case by case basis. This gives us access to literally thousands of properties on behalf of our Purchaser Clients.

Is Novi Property Mallorca simply a Property Portal and internet search busines?

No, we offer our Purchaser clients a bespoke service from start to finish. From agreeing your initial search criteria; identifying suitable properties for your consideration; arranging and accompanying you on all viewings; undertaking negotiations on your behalf; supervising the due dilligence; assisting with any third party finance / mortgages; and even down to transfering utilies into your name, obtaining tax registration numbers etc Novi Property Mallorca will be there to advise and assist you.

Whether you are just contemplating buying a property in Mallorca; starting your search for the first time; or actively looking to buy, we will be happy to discuss all matters relating to your requirements; the property market; and the buying process in Mallorca, in an unpressured and professional way. At Novi Property Mallorca you will never get the 'hard sell' common with so many Estate Agents.

Are Novi Property Mallorca based on the Island?

Yes we all live and work on the Island. There are an increasing number of internet based businesses offering property or property finding services in Mallorca but who's offices are in the UK, or the Spanish Mainland, and who use "Representatives" on the Island. In order to maintain a consistently high quality service for our clients all members of the Novi Property Team are based in Mallorca.

At Novi Property Mallorca we can offer you the benefit not only of our professional expertise but also our first hand experience of living in Mallorca and, in many cases, relocating from other parts of Europe.